Yukon upheld the principle of providing care go together (CARE TOGETHER)

We adhere to abide by. In principle mission “Take care of each other (CARE TOGETHER)” and the work of Sales and coordinate proactive. Join together to take care of your business. As shown below, Will help extend the operating time of the vehicle. And machinery / equipment Make your life richer This is to protect investors and to ensure that your business will succeed.


1. Establish a preventive maintenance (Preventive Maintenance) regularly.

2. Oil analysis is then used to help extend the transition. And cost savings

3. Keep the used oil sample to be analyzed. The samples must be stored under the same operating conditions, temperature and time. To reduce the variables that could have distorted the results of the analysis.

4. Keep in a cool place, clean and dry environment where dirt, moisture and temperature variability makes life and its quality is low. For hot or cold temperatures can cause chemical decomposition, contamination caused by moisture. And deactivation performance

5. Always use oil of the highest quality because in general. The cost of lubrication Often several times lower than the repair.

6. The labeling of products in stock and fuel properly. If the oil contamination could be making machine / device you have serious damage.

7. Training maintenance technicians with the expertise is unparalleled. Your employees are vital to help prevent it from malfunctioning machines.

8. Viscosity is important! Whether grease lubricator Or oil If you use a lubricant that is too thick. You will get less fuel economy. And engine parts to excessive stress. If you use too little oil, a thickener. It will not prevent those parts as needed. Therefore, you should use oils that are suitable for use. By following the guidance of the OEM customers.

9. Moisture that accumulates in the lubricant may cause more damage than dust. Use filter respirator with a desiccant. Reduces moisture and prolong engine life.

10. Always follow the instructions from the OEM news is always changing based on technological advances.

Below is the image used for packaging Yukon oil samples to be tested. Sample analysis and reporting test results. Thus ensuring that Yukon has developed and improved in order to get the best products regularly.

บรรจุภัณฑ์ที่ Yukon ใช้สำหรับเก็บตัวอย่างน้ำมันเครื่อง

Yukon packaging used for sampling oil.


For example, the report analyzes the test results.