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Product Description

Size 18, 200 Liter

Yukon CTR M2 is a general purpose, chlorine free, soluble oil with good lubricity characteristics, has good bacterial resistance and forms a stable milky emulsion when mixed with water.


Base for soluble oil water miscible fluids Yukon CTR M2 is a low treat rate soluble oil package designed for drilling, milling, reaming, sawing, threading and turning applications. It is very effective for various alloys both ferrous and non ferrous containing materials, such as aluminum and copper.
This inherently low foaming technology is not only designed to meet modern day machining demands of higher pressures and smaller sump volumes. Yukon CTR M2 leads to stable emulsions in both soft and hard water.
This complex package gives a straightforward blending process by simply mixing with suitable GP I base oil and adding biocide for longer life fluids. Process and vessel occupancy time can be minimized and furthermore inventory requirements for multiple components can be reduced.


  • Efficient Machining and grinding — High detergency performance keeps grinding wheels free of grit and fines, and flushes and settles chips. Low foaming tendency is an advantage in high speed operations.
  • High precision and surface finish — High performance heat transfer and reduced tool/workpiece friction ensures precise dimensional accuracy and good surface finish on parts
  • Low maintenance — High-efficiency detergency assists in flushing and settling of grinding grid dirt, increases tool service life. The selected base oil component of the emulsion provides effective rust protection of machine and parts, and the high level of reserve alkalinity reduces emulsion acids
  • Longer emulsion life — Highly stable, long-service alkaline emulsion resists bacterial degradation and effective biocides combat micro-organisms

Typical Properties

Appearance Concentrate Yellow
5% Emulsion Appearance Milky White
Density @150C 0.9
Flash Point Water content interferes with flash point determination
pH @ 5% 9.3
Corrosion test IP 3%
Refractometer Factor 1.1
Copper Corrosion ASTM D130 Class 1b

*The above figures are typical values and do not constitute a specification.

Recommended Dilutions

MATERIAL Cast Iron Low Tensile Steel High Tensile Steel Stainless Steel Low Alloy content Aluminium High Alloy content Aluminium
OPERATION Boring 4-8% 4-6% 4-6% 4-6% 5-10% 6-12%
Drilling 4-8% 4-6% 5-10% 5-10% 5-10% 6-12%
Grinding 4-8% 4-8% 4-8% 4-8% 5-10% 6-12%
Milling 4-8% 4-6% 5-10% 5-10% 5-10% 6-12%
Sawing 4-8% 5-10% 6-12% 6-12% 6-12% 6-12%
Screw Cutting 4-8% 5-10% N/A N/A 6-12% 6-12%
Tapping 4-8% 5-10% N/A N/A 6-12% 6-12%
Turning 4-8% 5-10% 5-10% 5-10% 6-12% 6-12%


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