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Product Description

Size 180 Kilogram

Yukon Acadia G4 is a premium, heavy-duty, high-temperature, full extreme-pressure (EP) multipurpose grease and contains solids (3% molybdenum disulphide) for shock-load resistance. It is a lithium-complex grease that you can rely on to provide excellent wear protection and long bearing life for your slow-moving, heavily loaded bearings and linkages operating at high temperatures and subjected to shock loads. Yukon Acadian G4 also has excellent mechanical stability in the presence of water to keep the grease where it is needed. It is widely recognised and listed by leading equipment manufacturers.


Yukon Acadia G4 greases are recommended for severe off-highway applications in terms of operational severity and water spray.  Specific applications include:

  • Bucket pins, pivot pins, heavily loaded chassis components
  • Heavy equipment central lubrication systems
  • General purpose chassis lubrication


  • Yukon Acadia G4 greases are leading members of the Yukon Acadia brand of products, which has gained a worldwide reputation for innovation and performance excellence.
  • Yukon Acadia G4 greases products are designed by Yukon formulation technologists and backed by our worldwide technical support staff.
  • Yukon Acadia G4 greases were designed specifically to meet the needs of off-highway equipment that required superior EP/antiwear performance and which would remain in place even in tough conditions of water spray, high sliding and high temperatures. These greases offer the following features and potential benefits

Typical Properties

Description Unit Test instrument Specification Yukon Acadia G4 # 2
Texture Visual Smooth Smooth
Color Visual Gray Black Gray black
Unworked Penetration @25C mm/10 ASTM D217 260 – 298 289
Worked Penetration @ 25C mm/10 ASTM D217 265 – 295 273
Dropping Point deg C ASTM D566 180 Min 213
Four Ball Weld Point kgf ASTM D2596 250 Min 250
4 Ball Wear, Scar Diameter Millimeter ASTM D2266 1.00 Max 0.45
Cu Strip Corrosion ASTM D4048 Pass 1a
Oil Separation @100C, 24 hrs mass% JIS K 2220_5.7 5 Max 2.4
Water Washout Loss @79C mass% ASTM D1264 10 Max 1
Timken OK Load lbs ASTM D2509 45 Min 45
Kinematic Viscosity @40C mm2/s ASTM D445 170 – 220 185
Rust Test ASTM D6138 Pass Pass

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