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Product Description

Size 180 Kilogram

Yukon Acadia G2 greases are high quality multipurpose, extreme-pressure greases based on a blend of high viscosity index mineral oils and a lithium hydroxystreate soap thickener and contain extreme-pressure and other proven additives to enhance their performance in a wide range of applications. Yukon Acadia G2 greases are designed for multipurpose grease lubrication of rolling element and plain bearings as well as hinges and sliding surfaces such as those found in throughout most industrial and transport sectors.


  • Reduced wear under heavy or shock loading and vibration for good equipment reliability and availability
  • Protection against rust and corrosion and resistance to water washout for equipment protection and good lubrication even in presence of water
  • Extended bearing life potential in wet environments for reduced bearing costs and unanticipated downtime

Yukon Acadia G2 is recommended for multipurpose applications in antifriction and plain bearings, bushings and pins under normal operating conditions


  • Yukon Acadia G2 greases are multipurpose extreme pressure greases suitable for use in many industrial grease applications.
  • Yukon Acadia G2 greases are manufactured using selected highly refined medium viscosity index base oils, a lithium 12 hydroxystearate thickener, an extreme pressure additive, and rust and oxidation inhibitors.
  • Yukon Acadia G2 greases have high load-carrying capacity and, therefore, provide good protection of lubricated parts against wear. They provide good lubrication in the presence of water, protect bearing surfaces against corrosion, and have excellent resistance to oxidation, which supports long life in storage and in use.
  • Yukon Acadia G2 greases are work stable. They resist separation or throw out from antifriction bearings. They have low oil bleeding tendency under pressure and are pump able at low temperatures.

Typical Properties

Description   Unit Test
Specification Yukon Acadia
G2 # 2
Yukon Acadia
G2 # 3
Texture Visual Smooth Smooth Smooth
Color Visual Yellow Yellow Yellow
Unworked Penetration @25C mm/10 ASTM D217 Report 287 241
Worked Penetration @ 25C # 2 mm/10 ASTM D217 265 – 295 283  –
Worked Penetration @ 25C # 3 mm/10 ASTM D217 220 – 250  – 239
Dropping Point deg C ASTM D566 180 Min 198 198
Cu Strip Corrosion @100C, 24 hrs Class JIS K 2220_5.5 C01 2B 1B
Evaporation Loss @99C, 22 hrs mass% JIS K 2220_5.6 Report 0.51 0.51
Oil Separation @100C, 24 hrs mass% JIS K 2220_5.7 Report 0.6 0.6
Oxidation Stability kPa JIS K 2220_5.8 Report 30 30
10 um+   Report 600 2400
25 um+   Report 200 100
Ash Content mass% JIS K 2220_5.10 Report 0.4 0.5
Worked Stability 100,000 Strokes JIS K 2220_5.11 Report 330 285
Water Washout @38C, 1 hr mass% JIS K 2220_5.12 Report 4 5
Leakage Tendency @104C, 6 hrs gram JIS K 2220_5.13 Report 2.3 0.6
Water Content mass% JIS K 2220_5.18 Report <0.1 <0.1
Four Ball Weld Load N ASTM D2596 Report 2450 3090
Four Ball Wear Index N ASTM D2596 Report 327 517
Four Ball LNSL N ASTM D2596 Report 490 785
Four Ball Wear Scar Millimeter ASTM D2266 Report 0.52 0.52
Timken OK Load lbs ASTM D2509 Report 40 40
Corrosion Preventive Properties ASTM D1743 Report PASS PASS

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