Grease is made up of the three following components: base oils, additives, and thickening agent. It might include mineral oil, organic esters, glycol, and silicone. Thickening agent might include soap (lithium, sodium, calcium, barium, aluminum), organic non-soap substance (micro gel, dye, soot, silica gel, urea compound, terephthalate, graphite, organic dye)

Yukon grease is manufactured by US.SYN technology which provides excellent protection against oxidation, rust, extreme pressure, wear, etc. You can choose different types of grease for different purpose and parts of your engine. Our grease offers are as follows

  • Grease for wheel bearings: Yukon’s ACADIA G2 NLGI 2,3 (designed specifically for wheel bearing according to NLGI-GC-LB standard)
  • Grease for wheel bearings that require heat resistance: Yukon’s ACADIA G 3 NLGI 2,3 (designed specifically for wheel bearings according to NLGI-GC-LB standard)
  • Grease for stone crushing plants: Yukon’s ACADIA G4 NLGI 2 designed specifically for grinders and bearings used in stone crushing plants according to NLGI-GC-LB standard)


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