Automatic Transmission Fluid

Yukon Automatic Transmission Fluid is manufactured by US.SYN technology which provides excellent oxidation protection and the following additives

  • Chemicals against oxidation
  • Anti-foam additive. As the formation of bubbles and foam in oil can affect the lubrication performance, we add in agent to prevent foaming caused by high-speed operations.
  • Extreme pressure additives. This is very essential for mixed lubrication and operations under high pressure which tend to cause friction and generate intense heat.

Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) performs many functions during service. Car manufacturers should have the specifications of the kind of ATF needed for different models as they work differently in automatic transmission.  ATF is very different from general transmission fluid used for shaft and manual gear system in that it provides more lubrication needed for automatic transmission system. In addition, automatic transmission system parts need special care. So we recommend that you follow your car manufacturers’ manual on how to best take care of your vehicles.

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