Industrial Gear Oil

Choosing the right gear oil will ensure stability and maximize the efficiency of your gear. On the contrary, using the wrong or low quality gear oil can damage your gear, cause vibration and loud noise while operating, slower the performance and will eventually break it down completely. Therefore, you need to consider the following factors before deciding on what gear oil you will use

  • Initial temperature before operating to maximum temperature while operating
  • Types of gear e.g. hypoid, bevel, differential etc.
  • Gear Materials
  • Load characteristics e.g. continuous, non-continuous, shock load, etc.

Yukon Industrial Gear oil is manufactured by US.SYN based technology, providing excellent oxidation protection and other features as follows

  • Protection against wear. When gears are grinding there is force created at both the vertical and horizontal surface. The friction can cause wear and damage. Therefore, gear oil is needed to provide a strong protective film and extreme pressure agent to reduce friction.
  • Cool down the temperature. All oil in the gear system acts as lubricant between spur gears and help prevent overheating.
  • Prevent rust and remove dirt particles. Yukon Industrial Gear oil will coat the metal surface in order to prevent the reaction with air and water or other substances.

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